The idea of a mixed-use village located generally near the first switchback on Cypress Bowl Road has been policy since the adoption of West Vancouver’s last Official Community Plan (OCP) in 2004. Subsequently in 2008, Council approved the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan of which a key direction included a future village supporting the adjacent residential neighbourhoods. Details about the village were then expanded upon by the citizen-led Upper Lands Working Group and in June 2015 West Vancouver Council passed a motion that recommendations from their report should be used as a framework to inform the future Cypress Village. The recently revised and adopted June 2018 Official Community Plan is informed by those recommendations, which among other details, states the following:

2.2.8 Cluster development around a mixed-use Cypress Village to minimize the area developed, protect natural and recreational features, reduce required infrastructure, achieve the compact development of mixed housing forms, and ensure a sustainable village with a strong sense of community.

2.2.13 Establish Cypress Village as a unique gateway to mountain recreation with strong links to the rest of West Vancouver, incorporating distinctive uses and features (such as unique retail, a civic plaza, community and recreational facilities, and other public amenities) in addition to commercial and institutional uses that serve the local community.

2.2.14 Include a range of housing types, tenures and unit sizes (including rental, non-market, family, and seniors housing) within the Cypress Village and Cypress West neighbourhoods to meet the needs of residents of different ages and incomes, and establish maximum unit sizes for these housing types.

In July 2020, the District of West Vancouver began a planning and community engagement process to create detailed policy for portions of Cypress Village and Eagleridge in the Upper Lands.

The District of West Vancouver is leading the community consultation and planning efforts that will result in an Area Development Plan (ADP) for Cypress Village.

British Pacific Properties (BPP), as the majority land-owner, completed an initial pre-application planning exercise including public consultation and concept plan development in 2016. Urban Design Associates along with PWL Partnership were retained by BPP as independent planning groups that directed this initial phase of this planning process.

Since this initial BPP-led planning exercise, BPP has been working closely with the District of West Vancouver (DWV), within the framework of a Council-approved Cost Recovery Agreement, to arrive at a mutual understanding of technical and performance-based goals for the Cypress Village Planning Program.

In July 2020, the District of West Vancouver began a planning and community engagement process to create detailed policy for portions of Cypress Village and Eagleridge in the Upper Lands, with the expectation of a Cypress Village Area Development Plan (ADP) to be considered by Council Spring 2021. BPP will then be able to submit development applications that conform to the policy directions within the ADP, followed by construction.

The commercial mixed-use Village centre will be located near the first switch back of Cypress Bowl Road above Highway 1, with the residential neighbourhoods of Cypress Village extending west to Cypress Creek. Cypress Village will also service residential neighbourhoods to the east in the Rodgers Creek Area Development Plan (currently under construction) between Marr Creek and Cave Creek as well as the existing communities of Deer Ridge and Stonecliff. All future neighbourhoods will be planned in sustainable and discrete clusters allowing for the majority of forested land area to remain as protected green space.

With a target timeline of an Area Development Plan approval in Spring 2021, BPP will be able to submit subsequent Rezoning and Development Permit applications for individual building projects. Land development works are expected to take a couple of years, with the first buildings in Cypress Village to follow. At the earliest, it is expected that commercial operations and residential occupancy could occur in the village centre in 2025.

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